Message from Chapter President

To Fellow Emergency Medicine Superstars:

What bizarre times!  Some of you are inundated with sick Covid-19 patients and some are dealing with a significant reduction in ED volume.  

Regardless of the current state of your ED, our specialty is on the front lines and in the spotlight.  We have trained for these situations and we are truly acting as leaders in medicine and for our communities. I pray that each and every one of you stay safe and healthy.  Please know that ACEP is advocating for our health and safety throughout this process. In all of this chaos, remember to take care of yourself.  Look out for your fellow physicians. 

We are all in this together and you are never alone. Please consider snapping some occasional pictures of fellow physicians during this crisis.  I know that this has to pass ultimately and we will all look back and tell generations to come how we were the true superstars in a time of healthcare disaster.

Thanks for all that you do for your patients.

Roland S. Waguespack, III, MD, MBA, FACEP
President, Lousiana Chapter, ACEP